About Máire Devine

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Who is Maire Devine?

Máire is Sinn Fein’s County Councillor for Tallaght Central in the constituency of Dublin South West.

She was co-opted to this seat following Seán Crowes successful election to Leinster House in February 2011. She has been involved in campaigning for Sean in Local and General elections, determined that Dublin South West will benefit from Sinn Fein’s progressive policies of social justice and equality. She is also an elected member of the Party’s Ard Chomhairle.  We strongly challenge the elitist and tired old politics of cronyism, unfairness and disregard for the ordinary person.

She has been the elected Branch Secretary of the Nursing Union for over a decade and is capable and competent negotiating on behalf of the Nursing members at both local and national level.

Sinn Fein is a vibrant and principled political party that is gathering considerable momentum and increased support.  We believe firmly that there is a fairer and better way. We will nurture an Irish Republic of equals -one that takes as its core guiding principle the well being of all its Citizens.

Maire’s political background

Máire comes from a long family tradition of Republicanism and her own beliefs were honed as a teenager against the background of political strife and social injustice in the North and as a young adult involved in the campaigns surrounding the agonizing days of the hunger strikes. The politics of the Southern Governments lead her, like thousands of others, to leave the country in search of employment. England offered opportunities but there was also a darker side to being Irish and working class in Thatcherite Britain. These are some of the experiences that refined and define her Republican politics.

 The other stuff

She is a Dubliner- was born and raised in the inner city – educated by the nuns in the Liberties – and  went on to obtain her Degree in Politics and  Post-graduate qualifications in Belfast. She is a Registered Mental Health Nurse and has many years experience in acute healthcare and community settings. Máire lives in Dublin with her husband Kevin and their three children Sinead, Aoife and Ruairi.

Interests outside of Politics

  • Hill-walking
  • Knitting
  • Doing as little housework as possible!!!

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