MindMindR launch


Councillor Máire Devine – Everyone phone should have one!

MindMindR is a comprehensive directory of Mental Health services and resources for South Dublin County. The MindMindR app enables users to quickly gain access to information on a range of mental health services available in their local area, concentrating mainly on Tallaght, Clondalkin, Lucan and Rathfarnham. MindMindR is an­ initiative of ­South Dublin Co­unty Council in­ partnership wi­th Comhairle Na­ nÓg, South Dub­lin County’s Yo­uth Council.

In his leargas blog Gerry Adams wrote today how in 2012 Sinn Fein Counicllor Cathal King and current Mayor of South Dublin Council  “proposed that the Council develop an app for the Iphone and android phones providing a directory of mental health services for the area. The idea was to provide easy access to services by location, type, age group, useful links and emergency services.  After a lot of hard work by the council’s IT department and with the support of a variety of other organisations, including Comhairle na nÓg, South Dublin County’s Youth Council, this morning the app – Mind MindR – was launched” .

Councillor Máire Devine attended the launch and described the app as ” an innovative response to the fragile mental health of our people. This App brings access into the palms of their hands- literally. Every phone should have one. Minding our Minds

Lunching the app today, Mayor King said “The origins of the idea are from my own personal experience like others who knew or know people with mental health difficulties and memories of those who died from Suicide. There is unfortunately still a stigma out there around the whole issue of Mental Health and I felt that if we as a Council developed an app with a QR code linking people to local services it would remove that initial stigma of physically asking for help. I believe what has been developed here can achieve that goal”.

The picture above shows Máire Devine with Sean Crowe, Sinn Fein TD Dublin South West, Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams and Cathal King, South Dublin Mayor and Sinn Fein Councillor at the MindMindR launch. The app


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