Stop the forestry fire sale


Tallaght’s forests, near the summit of Hellfire club.

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Hands off our forests! was the message from Councillor Máire Devine reacting to the proposed sale of Irish Forests managed by Coillte, in order to satisfy the ongoing unjust demands of the Trioka. It is   “misguided” said Devine who believes that any sale of forestry assets “flies in the face of all economic  arguments and it is the Peoples property, Hands off”.

In a statement Councillor Devine said “This week saw the launch of economist Peter Bacon’s  Assessment of the consequences of the sale of Coillte’s Timber havesting rights which concludes that the economic rationale for the proposed sale “no longer stands up and cannot be justified.”

The report finds that the State would remain liable for costs conservatively estimated at €1.3 billion following a sale of harvesting rights, and says Coillte would need to sell at “well above current or recent prices” in order to meet these costs.

Furthermore, the report says the overall result of the proposal to sell harvesting rights would effectively liquidate Coillte as a viable, commercial entity.

It also outlines other economic risks associated with the proposal, including the potential to disrupt the Irish timber processing sector due to lack of certainty over future supply. It says job losses, which could arise in the processing industry if timber were exported without processing in Ireland, would add to future costs to the State.

Concerns over future public access to Coillte lands, which were outlined in Tuesdays  RTE Primetime programme.

Cllr. Devine  is opposing the sale of Coillte harvesting rights and is supported by her party colleagues, trade unions. Mountaineering Ireland and numerous other organizations.

“The Dublin Mountains are there for all, walkways, hiking, family leisure, nature and greenery will be compromised by this proposal. So much has been taken from the Irish people in the past few years but the sale of our Forests is the epitome of Plunder and Pillage”

“In view of the overwhelming evidence that the proposed sale of Coillte harvesting rights will severely limit public access to our forests, damage jobs and the rural economy, and constitute a net cost to the exchequer I am saddened and equally outraged at this stupidity”


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