Where is Labour as children’s allowance cuts bite?

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Maire Devine, the Sinn Fein Councillor for Tallaght Central has accused the Fine Gael Labour Government of media speak and of more broken promises. January 2013 will see the lower rate of Child Benefit come into effect and parents will acutely feel the poverty and unfairness of this as the reality of cuts bite.

Sinn Fein offered alternative budget proposals to avoid these cuts, but the coalition have ignored practical policies that would avoid cuts in services as well as stealth taxes and charges on the most needy, most vulnerable in our society.

Fine words of concern and lofty promises were expressed by the Government in the lead up to the Children’s Referendum last November. The actual reality is much different. They have targeted children with numerous cuts in December’s budget.

Cllr.Devine stated:

“For most people January is a bleakest month financially and it is the month that Child Benefit cuts come into effect.  A cut of €10 for 1st and 2nd child, €18 for the third child and €20 for the fourth and subsequent children will hit families hard. It comes at a time when childcare infrastructure remains inadequate and financially crippling”.

Budget 2013 has also targeted Maternity Benefit, Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance, Education, Respite care and College Registration fees.

Time is long past to wage war on the bankers and stop capitulation to their greedy agenda of austerity especially when that austerity is only for the “little people”.

“This Government attempts to portray itself as compassionate and wrings its hands as though it cares but proves again how incompetent it is in dealing with the Fianna Fail inherited economic disaster. It is clearly unable to handle it. It has not put as its priority the interests of the People.

Cut, carve, chop and slash are its mantra despite a worldwide acknowledgement that austerity does not stimulate economies or further the true interests of society.

Cllr. Máire Devine added, “Organisations such as SVP in Tallaght confirm what we already know- that families in need have increased greatly and poverty has taken a hold of previously secure homes. The Government’s response is to continue hitting their pockets eking every cent. This has and continues to take a massive toll on those on the margins.

Sinn Fein offered a practical costed alternative to the Governments proposals and showed how it was possible to avoid these cuts but this Government is too blinkered to allow equality and burden sharing get in the way of its misguided agenda. The “little people” will pay and the bejayus is scared out of them with the express purpose of maintaining a status of “good standing”  with Angela , Europe,et al- don’t they realise it is a status of a lapdog? “


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